Now offering a new way for you to earn deep discounts and FREE treasures by inviting your friends to your very own private virtual Trunk Show.


By hosting a virtual Traveling Trunk Show, you and your guests will join a 1-week Facebook event that we create especially for you and your guests! Your trunk show event will remain open for a full week, during which time all purchases made by you and your guests will earn you loads of rewards!


We make it easy for you...

We'll do 98% of the work and you'll receive a windfall of gorgeous jewelry at discounts we've never offered before! 

Since it's the holiday season, LOADS of people are buying presents which will definitely increase your sales total and make your goals even more attainable! 


The only thing required of you is...

  1. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors from all over the country by directly inviting them to your Facebook event and posting teasers on your FB wall. We'll supply you with the photos and even the text to accompany your posts. It's SO easy!

  2. Participate in the games & giveaways we offer your guests during the length of your show. This is easy and fun!  

Here's what we'll do ...

  1. We will create and manage a Facebook event especially for your Trunk Show. And since this is a virtual Trunk Show on Facebook, you can invite friends & family from all over the country!

  2. To entice your Facebook friends & family to join, we will provide you with photos of our gorgeous jewelry to post to your Facebook wall. We'll even provide you with the wording for these posts. You're welcome to tweak the wording to fit your style or you can simply copy/paste the text we've written.

  3. We'll do ALL the work inside your Trunk Show Facebook Event such as post giveaways for your attendees to win free prizes and keep the momentum going strong so that your attendees will want to continue to shop and join in on the fun.

  4. We'll offer your guests ways to save money on their order, all without reducing your retail sales totals.

  5. Your shoppers will shop directly from our website so you needn't lift a finger in that regard.

  6. You don't have to deliver a single package because we will ship your guests orders directly to them!

  7. If you or your guests buy holiday or other gifts, we'll even ship that gift to the recipient, anywhere in the U.S. 48 states.

  8. For hosting the Trunk Show, we'll reward you with steep discounts and even FREE jewelry & accessories!

  9. During your show, we'll create excitement that will help drive up your sales to reach your goals. Most of all, we'll make the shopping experience so much fun your guests will want to host their own Trunk Show, which means extra perks for you!

Now for the best part ... drumroll please! 

Host Perks ...

  1. You receive a minimum of 20% off all your purchases during the show, with extra ways to earn up to 50% off.

  2. If your Trunk Show brings $1,000+ in sales, you will receive a $100 shop credit. This goal is much easier than you might think! And the rewards & benefits we provide for your guests, automatically helps to drive up your sales total. *$100 shop credit is to be used for future purchases outside of your Trunk Show-such a great way to buy holiday presents or to reward yourself down the road. 

  3. If your Trunk Show brings $1,500+ in sales, you'll receive the $100 shop credit AND 50% off one product of your choice.

  4. If your Trunk Show brings $2,000+ in sales, you'll receive the $100 shop credit AND 50% off TWO products of your choice.

  5. You'll receive an additional $10 refund on your personal Trunk Show purchases for EVERY guest who hosts a Trunk Show with us.

  6. If 5 or more guests host a Trunk Show, you'll receive not only a $10 refund for each guest who hosts a show, but ALSO a FREE jewelry piece designed by Sue or Elise, valued at up to $100! And you get to choose your piece!


Sign up here! 


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